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Maximum CNC functionality in a minimum amount of space

In the field of CNC applications, our solutions portfolio and applications experience are unparalleled. Take, for a start, the optimally integrated hardware components:

  • Terminals or industrial PCs for operating and monitoring tasks
  • Controllers
  • Fieldbus and local bus modules
  • Servo controllers and motors
  • Mechatronic solutions such as height control system with Z-axis mechanism

These components are capable of being configured to meet the needs of platforms for CNC complete solutions. Thus it is possible to support even the most sophisticated multi-channel CNC applications with up to 16 axes and cycle times of less than 1ms. In all this, the PLC functionality is already included. Solutions can be continuously improved through the development or upgrade of components

Practice makes perfect: CNC software

The application-specific heart of CNC complete solutions is the CNC software library. Its functional scope has been significantly extended in the course of decades of experience. The library is the basis for an automation solution tailored to meet the technological and geometrical requirements of typical path-control applications:

  • Look-ahead for optimisation of processing times
  • Block preparation for processing extremely short NC blocks
  • Feed-forward for compensating following velocity errors
  • Reverse travel and restart on contour
  • Spatial rounding for fast and smooth movements
  • Changeable acceleration profiles for varying load conditions
  • Block scan for random access during long-running machine operations
  • Teaching of axis positions with subsequent data reduction and generation of polynomials
  • Tangentially slaved C axis for tool orientation during contour machining
  • Synchronous axes / gantry axes for saving mechanical drive components
  • Tool administration and technology charts
  • Graphical CNC user interface for Windows XP and Windows 7
  • Formula interpreter for the creation of mathematically sophisticated part programmes
  • Path speed-dependent output signals for performance enhancement, dosing, etc.
  • Fast inputs and outputs for immediate reactions in the NC programme
  • Lead screw pitch and backlash compensation for the correction of mechanical faults
  • PLC positioning axes in parallel with contour machining
  • Touch-trigger input for fast data acquisition
  • Multiple-channel function for the simultaneous execution of several NC programmes
  • 3D online spline for processing teach-in contour points in space
  • Tool slaving in space (6 axis) in consideration of machine geometry
  • Fast Z-axis slaving for focussing onto workpiece surface
  • 3D axis compensation for the correction of mechanical tolerances
  • Geometry filter for the reduction of point density

CNC applications

Eckelmann has experience in numerous CNC applications from such areas, amongst others, as grinding, milling, handling, bar processing, shaping and many more.

As a current industry solution, Eckelmann offers the complete package “CNC for cutting”. Both the relevant HMI package and the NC and PLC operating system provide many functions that are tailored to meet requirements typical for the cutting with different tools.

In addition, Ferrocontrol’s traditional key industry sectors include window installation and profile processing. Complex CNC applications whose productivity is optimally supported by image processing solutions from Eckelmann are realised here.

CNC complete solutions

  • CNC complete solutions guarantee quick success in machine automation by virtue of optimally integrated components and the appropriate software.
  • Solutions on the basis of standard components which, for larger quantities, are modified and developed to meet application-specific requirements.
  • Flexible solutions capable of being continuously developed through extensions and upgrades to more powerful versions.
CNC Maschinen Hersteller
Configuration example of a CNC complete solution
CNC machines

CNC Controller E°EXC 880

CNC controller E°EXC 880


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